strip seal bridge expansion joints

strip seal bridge expansion joints

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  1. strip seal bridge expansion jointsEXPANSION JOINT NOTES - New Hampshire

    bridge sheet by date checked checked checked by date expansion joint notes subdirectory strip_seal-bc.dgn locator as noted pjp abh nhdot 4/13 english/exp-jts nhdot 4/13 2/89 2/89 have been backfilled to within 3'-0" of finished grade. (6) the expansion joint assembly shall be installed only after both abutments pavement.

  2. strip seal bridge expansion jointsInvestigation of Premature Strip Seal Joint Failures and ...

    Strip seal expansion joints generally perform well, providing dependable long term protection against water and de-bris intrusion while allowing a bridge to expand and contract. WSDOT has approximately 350 bridges that have strip seal expansion joints, equaling nearly 44,000 lineal feet of strip seal joint. Of these, 80% of the joints are in

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